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Local Bae | Vinyl Sticker Sheet

Local Bae | Vinyl Sticker Sheet

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Hilo one! Although anthuriums are not native to Hawaii, it holds a special nostalgic memory in my heart. It's my hometown and will always remind me of my childhood.  Stick these mini stickers in the small gaps of water bottles, phones, your laptops or school folders!

  • 4x6" sticker sheet 
  • 9 vinyl waterproof stickers 
  • Stickers vary in size from 1/2 in to 2 inches 
  • Designed in Hawaii 

IMPORTANT Shipping information: ALL US STICKER ORDERS (ONLY) will be shipped in FIRST CLASS MAIL WITHOUT TRACKING to save you the shipping cost.

DISCLAIMER Colors may vary depending on monitor settings, lighting, and/or photo quality of your device.

All sales are final. Thanks sis!

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